There are games for which there is no strategy. This makes us laugh when we surf the sites of our colleagues specializing in slot machines and when we can read that they advocate certain strategies for their players. Honestly, how do you expect a strategy for a game that is 100% based on luck?In video poker, of course, that luck is important, it is part of all the casino games, one way or another but video poker, the strategy really exists since you have a phase of reflection that is hyper important. Let’s get together tips for winning at the casino and in this case video poker. Click here for Casino Malaysia.

Select the variant that suits youCasino Malaysia

At first, before anything else, you must select a variant from the ten that exists, which corresponds to you. Do not try to play complicated variants such as joker poker or Aces and Faces if you are a beginner. But more than choosing it, you must understand the variant on which you will evolve and in particular the winning chart that will tell you what combinations you can make to earn money. It is important at this level of knowledge because if you make a pair, for example, you think it’s good but, in the end, it was necessary to make a set to the minimum, you will be really disappointed. Visit this site for Casino Malaysia.

The focus on reflection

We told you, in video poker, what will win you is the reflection, it is not like craps or slot machines for example. So, take your time when you find yourself in front of the machine because it is not counted. What you need is always to ask yourself if there are no better possibilities than what you saw in the first place. It is for this reason that during the first draw, it would be good not to rush to exchange your cards.

Use progressive mode if your budget allows it

The progressive mode, that is to say, the one that allows you to win important jackpots also exists for video poker. Online casinos have adopted it because of its success. If you have a large budget, or rather a well-stocked bankroll, then maybe this is the time to start because, with this game mode, you can earn quite crazy money, and if you cannot manage to win the jackpot, because you always bet big, the winnings will also be quite important. 

Managing your bets is vital

On the contrary, if you do not have a very large budget, it will be good to manage your bets very tightly in order to play the most time. With our technique, you cannot lose money:

You will define a budget for the day, for example, € 30. Then you will tell yourself that you will not play more than two hours or 120 minutes. We consider that on average, you will need two minutes for a round. You will do in two hours 60 rounds. So, you divide 30 € by 60 rounds, which gives you 0.50 € per round. By respecting this amount, you will definitely be positive at the end of your game since our calculation does not include the gains you will make.

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