Lotteries have now gone online, and with the introduction of cryptocurrencies, you will see a large number of players getting interested in participating in the draws. The craze has caught on, and people can much more here instantly. These work like any other online lotteries, but the buying of the tickets can be made by bitcoin currency, and the winnings can be in bitcoins. There are points for participation, and you will know that you can earn free bitcoins. The deal is sealed with a jackpot of bitcoins, which a massive thing for a lottery winner. As this is now having a lot more value than regular currency. This because there have been changes in the cryptocurrency prices rising and this kind of winning can you more value for money. Now you can play lotto online.


How it’s played

The bitcoin lottery is easy to play; you will have to buy tickets as you would usually, which would be an e-ticket. There are also special discounts made available when you purchase tickets in huge numbers. The player can buy with six different numbers with a pick option which are randomly chosen. The selection process is transparent, and there is highly no chance of any rigging done, and the outcome is purely random as the numbers selected are. There is prize tier that gives you the opportunity for people for winning bitcoins right from having five numbers correct to even two numbers being there would earn you some money; it’s mostly the person hardly ends up empty-handed. Thought the amounts hugely vary, it motivates the player to try his/her luck again at the lotto.

The odds are high, and it is a rare chance of getting all the numbers correct and getting the most top jackpot of is quite a feat to achieve. It has to be assured to the players that the prizes are equally divided among all the tickets with the correct numbers.  There is insurance in place to see that the ticket prices cover the costs of the insurance premiums or the people running the site can go out of business as they will be awarding prizesregularly.

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